Smart Green Production Collides with Sustainability..

Eko-friendly Production

Primary reason, which makes Gamateks a reason for preference is safety for human health and environment.

A Better Life

Gamateks® pursues a policy that follows standards of Global Organic Textile, GOTS, BCI, Organic 100 and Organic Blended cotton standards for a better agriculture, a better environment and a healthier human life.

Continuous Development

Gamateks® continues production with new generation technology, attending to fashion shows, fabric and technology exhibitions.

Full Integrated Service

Gamateks® is a leading company in its field, who is able to offer full integrated service from fabric to clothing in 100.000 m2 indoor area, via its principles of quality, flexibility, speed and continuous innovation.

Global Solution Partner

Gamateks® manufactures knit fabric, home textile, home wear, outerwear and sportech textiles and exports to prestigious brand companies in England and Europe.

Fashion Trends

Gamateks® develops new fabric qualities and new collections for fashion with the help of its extended production range and R&D works, as well as working on production and development of performance fabrics.