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Machinery Line

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Machinery Line

Weaving: Single jersey, rib, interlock, two thread – three thread loopback, pique, towel, velvet, jacquard, quilted and whole thread affected and dyed types

Dyeing: Reactive, disperse, cationic

All-over Screen Printing: Reactive, disperse, pigment, discharge, burn-out, glitter, foil

Ink-jet printing: Reactive

All-over and Panel Sublimation Printing: With 8 printers and 1 press

Panel Screen Printing: CMYK, pigment (6 octopus printing machines printable up to 12 colours and 1 oval printing machine, printable up to 24 colours

Transfer Printing: For paper, foil and diamondi printings

• Knitting: 700 tons
• HT Dyeing: 950 tons
• All-over Screen Printing: 1,5 million meters
• Ink-jet Printing: 200.000 meters
• Pre-finishing: 500.000 meters
• Delivery from Dyeing Plant: 1.000 tons

. We improve continuously