R&D Center

Gamateks® gained the right of the first Research and Development Center of Denizli, approved by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic in 7th November 2016. Cooperative workds are performed with the world’s biggest suppliers of textile raw materials in the company’s R&D Center such as; moisture management, flash drying and cooling fabrics with infinite durability, bodybuilding fabrics, stretch fabrics without elastane usage, water-repellent, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-odor, anti-static finishing process, complying with specifications, fabrics with microencapsulation and thermal comfort works.

We are aware of evolution..

R&D Center Vision

Our vision is to provide Gamateks® to be Pioneer with R&D, P&D and innovation works during transition of Turkish textile and clothing industry to knowledge intensive textiles era.

R&D Center Mission

Our mssion is to provide R&D, P&D and innovation works that will enable to Gamateks® to be the role model for Denizli and Turkish Textiles and Clothing Industry in development of knowledge intensive textiles and eco-friendly production.

. We improve continuously