Eko-Friendly Production

We Care For Human and Nature!


*The first ecological Dyeing Plant of the World..

Primary reason, which makes Gamateks® a reason for preference is safety for human health and environment.

• Gamateks has got Oekotex® 100 standard.
• Gamateks® do not only have Oekotex® 100 standard itself, but also oblidges its suppliers to have the same standard.
• All colorant suppliers are members of ETAD. 
• All chemical suppliers comply with REACH regulations
• Gamateks has got a data base, in which all colorant and chemical suppliers TDS and MSDS information are saved and %100 observable.


You will share the future of the World by choosing Gamateks® products..

Serial production parts of Gamateks® are accredited by Marks & Spencer, next, H&M, Tesco F&F and C&A. Gamateks® has got ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and it is a brand name, who gained the right of receiving Turquality support with one of the highest points of Turquality program, given since 2014. 


Why Eco-Friendly?

Because World Health Organization (WHO) declares that environmental pollution causes 1,7 millions of children under 5 years-old to die each year! And it is also declared in the same report that these deaths can be avoided!*


Source: Inheriting a sustainable World: Atlas on children’s health and the environment, ISBN 978-92-4-151177-3, 2017


How Eco-Friendly?

Everything starts with awareness! Gamateks® is aware of the burden it creates on environment during production. Therefore, we receive consultancy from real professionals, design projects for eco-friendly production and apply the process properly. As a result of this success, we are awarded by our customers.
Each dingle product preferred by Gamateks® are produced with:
• Minimum energy
• Minimum source and raw material
• Minimum environmental affect
• Minimum carbon foorprint
So, you will share the future of the World by choosing Gamateks products!

. We improve continuously