MACHINERY LINE - Gamateks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.


Weft Knitting: Gamateks® has got a big circular knitting infrastructure, composed of 150 pieces circular knitting machines in various diameters and feigns; 29 pieces of which are installed in Batman, Turkey. 20 pieces of these machines are jacquard looms.


Machanical Machines;


Single Jersey: There is a wide feign range from snit feign to thin feign. And two thread loopback fabrics can be knitted in the same ranges.

Rib: 1x1 camisole types are able to be produced. Besides, relatively various qualities can be achieved with the help of different needle – steel orders and mechanical finishing process in dyeing plant.

Interlock: Various quality ranges can be achieved from fabrics, used in sportech textiles, to punto di roma.

Three Thread Loopback: Standard and plated three thread loopback capacities are available.

Jacquard Machines: There are 4 pieces dyed yarn reported single jersey machines; two of which are jacquard machines and one of which is a full electronic one.

Warp Knitting: Four machine can process pile thread warp knitting

Dyeing Plant: Gamateks® has got a long established and improved dyeing plant, where a flexible production can be made in mass production amounts.

Pre-Finishing: Fabric burning, desizing and cold bleacher machines, woven gaze machine, mercerization line

Foulard Dyeing:: Two pieces dye padders (one of them is for weaving and the other is for knitting) that are capable of making eco-friendly production with minimum energy, raw material and source

Printing: 4 screen printing machines applying different methods, 2 ink-jet printing machines providing infinite resolution and colour alternatives, automatic printing paste plant for high receipt accuracy, a full equipped template preparation machine, sample printing table

Washing: 3 particular solution continous washing lines, providing water saving up to %72; one for woven fabric and the other two are for knit fabric.

Exhaust Dyeing: 29 pieces HT dyeing machines; 21 pieces of them having serial production capacity and green label, working with online receipt, full automatic dosage and minimum quantity operators; 8 pieces of them capable of dyeing samples from 5 kg to 100 kg.

Drying: 6 pieces stenters; one of them are used for heat setting from wet on wet and one is used for width equalization of woven fabrics, one piece of relax dryer with air cushions, minimizing the risk of fabrics having shrinkage risk; one piece of continuous tumbler dryer for pile fabrics.

Chemical Finishing Process: 6 of 8 pieces dryers, having capability of wet on wet softening with double padders system and performance finishing

Mechanical Finishing Process: 4 pieces of compactors; 2 of them are for sequin open width fabric, one of them is for woven fabric; one piece all-over steel ironing machine for plain weave fabric; 6 pieces of brushing machines for welsoft and fleece fabrics, 2 pieces of pile cutters and 7 pieces of tumblers for mechanical anti-pilling and one piece of carbon brush for peach fuzz effect

Manufactured Fabric Quality Control: 8 pieces of quality control machines; 6 pieces of them are engaged to automatic packing terminal and each one has got terminals, where failure types can be processed

Sublimation Printing and Lamination: 2 pieces of lamination presses can successfully apply panel and all-over sublimation press, foil printing, fabric-membrane and fabric-fabric laminations, on which water-repellent and air-permeable features can be applied.

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