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The importance of textile in fashion

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‘’Fashion’’ is one the magical words of our life. For most people, being purchasable is the most important criteria of being fashion. This state stands out more noticeably in fashion sector. We all see identical clothes in streets. Fine, but where is the quality placed in this circle of identical trends? In other words, where do the fabric materials play the role in fashion? Most importantly, what is the importance of using sustainable textile innovations to produce fabric material with less environmental harm technologies?

In fashion, It is remarkable to see that design and marketing plays more crucial role compared to the quality of fabric. Beside that, the quality of the fabric can still play the main role. It might be still receiving intention from the ones who attaches importance to it. However, it is very common to see associated products as soon as something becomes ‘’fashion’’. In these cases, the buyers aims to receive the products as cost effective as possible which gives less importance to the quality of the textile material. When we consider, neoliberal economic conditions affects people and fast consumption habits became nature of human beings, that makes it easier for us to explain. If we take a look at current consumption patterns, output quality survives only for the period of the product as soon as it is a trend. Otherwise, it would stay in the closet for years and then end up in the trash, which would keep wasting our limited nature sources. This puts our future and life the next generation at risk.

By preferring to use Gamateks® products, you will share the responsibility to do something for the future. The serial production part of the labs in Gamateks® has been accredited by Marks & Spencer, Next, H&M, Tesco F&F and C&A. GAMATEKS® owns a management system implemented according to ISO 9001:2008 norm. Since 2014, Gamateks® has been qualified to be Turquality® within one the highest grades of the Turquality® program history.

Each product in GAMATEKS® has been producing with;

  • • Minimum energy
  • • Minimum resources and material
  • • Minimum environmental impact
  • • Minimum carbon footprint

In conclusion, the textile fabric influence in fashion is an important factor. Branding, fashion, affordability, culture and environment are included in this factor as much as the influence of textile fabric.

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