Production - Gamateks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.



5 countries, 7 different locations, experience more than 30 years..


Gamateks® is a full integrated production facility that creates special product and service with creative and innovative principles, follows new trends, produces new collections with the most proper R&D works by analyzing design configurations and offers correct harmonization of service and design to its customers.


We have dinamic and experienced design and development teams in our R&D centers who continuously work for developing exciting fashion trends.


Gamateks®, gained the right of an R&D center, approved by Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic, has become solution partner for numerous projects, using eco-friendly technologies, with its R&D team consisting of 22 people.


Gamateks® has got Turkey’s first eco-friendly companies with M&S Plan A and F&F “Think Global @ Local” projects. Each single product, which has been supplied by Gamateks is manufactured with;


• Minimum energy

• Minimum source and raw material

• Minimum environmental effect

• Minimum carbon footprint

. We improve continuously