Green Production & Eco-Friendly Consumption
For A Good Future

We genuinely believe that with a sustainable world, natural resources and climate will be protected and accordingly our quality of life will increase. While we are aiming for 100% sustainable production and consumption, we will be happy if you accompany us on this path.
With our services and products from recycled materials, we contribute reducing wastage amount and we also continue to preserve the limited natural resources.

There Are Many More Things To Do!

Together with you, we are getting closer to our goal; Better Environment and Healtier Future!
When buying a product, You can help nature by choosing one with eco-friendly label. You can take the first step for nature by changing your consumption habits.

By Choosing Gamateks® Products, You Will Share The Future Of The World

With M&S “Plan A” and F&F “Think Global @ Local” Pojects, Gamateks is the first eco-dyehouse of the World
Each product you prefer from GAMATEKS is manufactured with;

  • Minimum energy
  • Minimum resources
  • Minimum natural damages
  • The smallest carbon footprint possible



Human and Environment..

  • One of the most important reasons making Gamateks to be preferred is to be safe for human and the environment.
  • Gamateks has Oekotex® Standard 100.
  • Not only itself, Gamateks also wants its suppliers to have Oekotex® Standard as a standard procedure.
  • Its all dyestuff suppliers to be the member of ETAD.
  • Its all chemical suppliers to comply the REACH legislation.
  • Gamateks has a database, which includes the technical and safety data sheets of all dyestuffs and chemicals and 100% visible for all customers.

WWF-Clean Production Project

We are conducting projects and investments for energy and chemical saving in the movement of 'Extending Clean Production in Textile Sector', which aims to prevent the pollution in the Büyük Menderes River, which was found to reach critical levels.

“An Annual Saving of 10 Million Euros by an Investment of 12 Million Euros”

This is the only way to protect our wetlands such as Bafa Lake and Büyük Menderes Delta, which are internationally important. With a total investment of 12 million Euros, it is possible to save up to 20% on water, energy and chemicals annually, which corresponds to an amount of 10 Million Euros. It is envisaged that the investments to be made will pay off within 1-3 years.

We Love Nature

As Gamateks, we use Clean Chain and BVE3 portals to ensure the control and traceability of chemical management within the scope of sustainability.

These portals allow;

  • Access to chemical and waste water reports,
  • Ensuring customer policy and compliance,
  • Prevention of excess stock chemicals,
  • Entrance and exit of chemicals in compliance with ZDHC Gateway.


Gamateks has a cotton policy with its cotton standards for a better agriculture, a better environment and healthier people Gamateks yıl boyunca ürettiği pamuk ürünlerin %40’ını BCI sertifikalı, %10’unu organik pamuktan üretmektedir.

Protecting the Planet for our Children!

Sustainability is not just a "buzz word” for us - it is at the heart of everything we do. At Gamateks, we use only the highest quality yarns from certified sources to ensure minimal harm to nature.
A pioneer of many studies to protect nature, our R&D Centre is continuously looking for new and more efficient production methods and fibres to minimise impact on the environment.

. We improve continuously